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They have artistic skill and comic talent by the bucketful, their only problem is that they argue from morning to night. Olga e Manolita, who go by the stage-name of the “Gemelle Mejerchold”, start their singing career together purely by chance when they are asked to replace a missing number in a famous variety review. Since then they have stuck together threw thick and thin in a continual battle for centre stage. Twins separated at birth?
Unlikely... one is a tall, gargantuan, dazed, baritone soak, the other is a short, precise, methodical, prickly soprano. The perfect double act! All Divas have their moods, but with two of this calibre the problems don't just double, they multiply exponentially, not always a good selling point for impresarios. Even with a famous continental multi-instrumentalist by their side, the Mejerchold twin's career, already in decline, teeters on the brink between promises of a world tour and clamorous cancellations. Faced with this uncertain future there is nothing left for the sisters but to reminisce over better, bygone times, when they appeared on the world's most famous stages, infront of delirious audiences applauding their vocal – and not only – acrobatics.
There is only one guarantee: if something can go wrong, it will!

The Gemelle Mejerchold (alias Francesca Airaudo and Giorgia Penzo) are two multifaceted artistes who express their art through song and pantomime with versatility, rediscovering the surrealism and childishness still to be found somewhere between the theatre and the circus. Two women that mix comedy and song without renouncing an ounce of their femininity, making their transition, from from Vaudeville Chanteuses, through variety and comic reviews to big-top clowns, seamless.

Le Gemelle Mejerchold
Produced in 2014
Starring Francesca Airaudo, Giorgia Penzo
Live music by Tiziano Paganelli
Costumes by Paul Mochrie
Thanks to Barbara Martinini and Nevio
Directed by Davide Schinaia
A Città Teatro Production
With grants from the Provincia di Rimini
and Regione Emilia Romagna



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  • Produzione: Città Teatro


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